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Agency Power Supercharger Kit Yamaha YXZ 1000R


Agency Power

Model #AP-YXZ-90

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The Agency Power brand has been taking the UTV market by storm one UTV at time. It all started with the Polaris RZR and then got widely recognized with high quality Can-Am X3 products.  Mixing in a little bit of the Textron Wildcat XX to our line up, it is now time to really grab some attention with this Yamaha YXZ1000R Supercharger System. The kit was designed as an easy direct bolt-on to the Yamaha YXZ for an increase in power and fun. To develop this kit, Agency Power started with a roots supercharger at the core of the system. The supercharger components were engineered not only for gaining power but designed with fit and finish of OEM or factory quality parts. This includes finished components in black powder coat, black anodized billet parts with laser etched AP logos, and a high quality roto-molded intake manifold. The aluminum intake and charge tubes allow the custom blow off valve to re-circulate the excess air when throttle pressure is released. Agency Power’s dry, oil less air filters uses nano-technology which further filters the harmful air particles from off-road use, while improving air flow.  Each filter is designed for easy cleaning between rides. The intake has a specially designed aluminum shield to protect the air filter from further elements while riding and reduce potential heat soak giving optimal air flow to the supercharger. To further provide the best air quality for off-road use, Agency Power has created custom Outerwear brand pre-filter covers made specifically for the intake filter. Further protection for those that ride in muddy terrain is our aluminum belt shield. This is designed to keep debris away from the supercharger belt system. Each belt shield securely bolts in place to provide maximum coverage while looking OEM in textured black powder coating. Our custom ECU tuning has been done to be safe, reliable, and powerful. Customers have the option to mail in their ECU where we bench flash the new tuned file to your ECU. As an upgraded option, you can purchase the FTECU cable kit where you can flash your ECU through the diagnostic port. This also allows those with the technical ability to have full control of adjusting all your vehicles parameters including fuel, timing, and limiters. The custom ECU calibrations were developed for the different years and transmissions offered in the YXZ1000R. Each kit comes with everything you need to install on your Yamaha YXZ1000R less fluids such as oil and coolant. Once installed, the Agency Power Supercharger Kit elevates your Yamaha YXZ1000R to another level!

Performance Gains:

During the development of the supercharger kit, several tests were done over the course of a year with different models, transmissions, the competitor’s supercharger, basic ECU tune upgrades, and more to show where the Agency Power supercharger kit compared. The Mustang Dyno typically reads lower than other dynos so we are only concerned with the delta. When running the cars, the only variable was the tune or supercharger. Each was tested exactly how it came in with no changes to other bolt-on parts. Dyno runs were done in 4th gear, calibrated to the vehicles RPM with tests starting at 2500rpm.  Typical drivetrain loss for CVT transmission can be upwards of 30%.  The YXZ1000R with its standard gearbox, we were also seeing a 30% drivetrain loss from the stock 112 bhp.

  • Stock Horsepower – 77 rwhp | 112 bhp
  • AP Supercharger Horsepower – 112 rwhp | 160 bhp

What Is and Why Use a Roots Supercharger?

Agency Power’s roots supercharger works with two counter-rotating lobes that trap air from the intake side of the supercharger, move it around the outside casing of the lobes, and out the bottom of the supercharger through an outlet / discharge port. This type of supercharger is known as a "positive displacement" aka "fixed displacement" supercharger, meaning that it moves a fixed volume of air per rotation. The roots supercharger cannot flow backwards like a centrifugal supercharger, and is thus nearly as efficient in its ability to pump air at low rpms as it is at high rpms. What this means is that roots superchargers are very capable of making large amounts of boost even when engine rpms are very low making this the best choice for the Yamaha YXZ1000R.

What Are The Advantages Of Agency Power Supercharger Kit?

Agency Power built a supercharger kit with the fit and finish of the components superior to any product on the market. Not only extremely functional, the construction was designed to make every ride exceptional in its performance. Agency Power uses precision CNC machined, 6061 aluminum mounts and pulleys which are than black anodized to give an OEM fit and finish. The air intake tube and charge pipe are powder coated black with ports for the custom blow off valve to protect from over boost and direct air back into the intake track. The best feature of the supercharger kit is the well-designed intake manifold.  Manufactured from very strong and pressure tested roto-molded XPLE, the intake manifold trident saves weight over bulky steel or aluminum manifolds.  This also helps with heat reduction and increase flow from the supercharger to the manifold.

The supercharger kit was developed and tested to run a very safe 5-6 PSI which is controlled with the blow off valve system.  The spring and washers allow for the right amount of boost pressure to flow keeping the power delivery very linear and safe.  Testing for nearly a year on our Mustang Dyno using 91 octane as well as out in the desert, the design is safe and proven for well taken care of vehicles.  All products are designed and assembled here in Arizona, USA after each goes through rigorous quality control.

Why Use VRTuned?

VRTuned and Agency Power have collaborated on projects of all types.  From Porsche, McLaren, Can-Am, and Roxor, VR Tuned continues to offer great tuning for its custom applications.  VRTuned offers several easy ways for customers to get their Yamaha YXZ1000R ECU tuned. The tuning is specific per year and per transmission type.  With all ECU tuning, we store your read out file here should you ever decided to return to stock.  Flashing the ECU is extremely easy we provide fast overnight service.  For those techy types, we have partnered with FTECU to offer their ECU flash application.  With this cable you can flash your vehicle and adjust all open parameters such as fuel, timing, limiters, and more as well as revert to stock. With either ECU flashing type, we do everything needed in the ECU not requiring any additional fuel computers or controls to make the supercharger kit work.


  • Roots Supercharger with Pulleys and Oil
  • High Flow and Reusable Air Filter With Nano-Technology
  • Black Powder Coated Tubes
  • Black Anodized Billet Mounting Plates
  • Air Filter Heat/Dust Shield
  • Black Powder Coated Belt Guard
  • New Drive Belt
  • Custom Blow Off Valve
  • Flexible Re-Circulating Hose
  • Exclusive VRTuned ECU Tuning
  • Lightweight Roto Molded XPLE Plastic Trident Intake Tube
  • Works With Both Sequential And Sport Shift Transmissions
  • Any Needed Hoses, Lines and Hardware
  • Gain Horsepower / Torque
  • Hours of Testing and Development In Multiple Environments
  • Tested On Multiple YXZs and Transmissions
  • Tested On 91 Pump Gas and Good to 109 Octane
  • Detailed Install Instructions
  • Professional Install Recommended


  • For Extra Filter Protection, Upgrade to the Agency Power Pre-Filter By Outerwears - Learn More
  • Flash Your Own ECU and Control Your Calibrations with the Optional FTECU System - Learn More (See Connections Here)
  • Extra Pulley Belts Are Available as an Option
  • We Highly Recommend Adding an AEM Failsafe Gauge which is a AFR and Boost Gauge in One - See Here
  • Performance Exhausts are Recommended but not Required - See Exhausts Here
  • Other Replacement Parts Available Upon Request


  • Because ECU Tuning is involved, we require all customers to sign our EPA Compliance Waiver Here.
  • Even though this kit has been rigorously tested, situations out of our control can happen.  We do warranty our products within our guidelines.  Each customer is require to sign our Purchase Agreement Waiver Here.
  • 1 Year Limited Agency Power Parts Only Warranty (Not Included Wear and Tear Items.
  • Agency Power Does NOT Cover ANY Repairs To Failure Of Yamaha Components.
  • Agency Power Can NOT Be Held Liable For The Loss Of Any Factory or Extended Warranty.
  • Agency Power Returns MUST Be Requested Within 30 Days And Parts Can Not Have Been Installed.
  • This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.


  • 2016-2018 Yamaha YXZ 1000R


Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Yamaha YXZ1000R

Agency Power Industries LLC was developed out of the need to provide quality, functional, and fashionable racing products. Starting from sway bar endlinks for the Subaru WRX back in 2003, Agency Power now has over 300 part numbers for cars ranging from the STI, EVO, M3, 996, TC, and more. Based out of Arizona, Agency Power has established itself as one the core aftermarket companies for Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi EVO products. With new focus on the Porsche and BMW market, Agency Power is constantly developing new functional and race proven products. With dealers worldwide, the AP brand is recognized globally. Working with top distributers and tuners in the USA, AP can be found in Singapore, England, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other parts in the EU.
Policies regarding warranty:
  • Agency Power offers a LIFETIME Limited Warranty against defects or failures.
  • Product Warranties are available for those who fill out the online warranty form on Agency Power.
  • Warranty is available with original Invoice showing purchase date.
  • Titanium exhausts and carbon fiber products carry a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

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